Evaluate the overall digital classroom experience

The Quality Course Teaching and Instructional Practice (QCTIP) is a comprehensive scorecard which can be used for an in-depth review to validate instructional practices as compared to quality standards identified by our panel of experts.  

Designed to evaluate the overall classroom experience, this tool can be used to evaluate teaching effectiveness in several areas, including: Course Fundamentals, Learning Foundations, Faculty Engagement and Student Engagement.  

This QCTIP scorecard can be used as a comprehensive overview of the course environment and is available for free. Download it now.

It can also be used independently in several different areas:

QCTIP: Course Fundamentals: Use this scorecard to evaluate quality in course design. ensure an effective classroom experience before the session starts and for post-course evaluation. Download PDF

QCTIP: Learning Foundations:  Use this scorecard to ensure that key quality learning components are incorporated in the digital course to create an effective learning environment for students. Download PDF

QCTIP: Faculty Engagement:  Use this scorecard to evaluate areas like course learning outcomes, course content, and assignments and the critical steps that should be taken to improve the student learning experience. Download PDF

QCTIP: Student Engagement:  Use this scorecard to ensure a quality learning experience for your students by following the identified steps required to create an engaging and effective classroom environment. Download PDF

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"The Quality Scorecard is grounded in research, best practices, and expert opinion, so I know the University is well-served by implementing the self-assessment process and demonstrating our continuous improvement processes and outcomes to accreditors."


Debbie Thorne, Associate VP for Academic Affairs and Professor of Marketing – Texas State University