The QS Navigator program has been developed to help guide institutions through the process of achieving a quality program. Finding the time to complete the Quality Scorecard is the biggest challenge that most institutions face. The experts at OLC will take on this challenge for you – enabling you and your staff to focus on reviewing, planning, and implementing changes to ensure the quality of your online program.  

Using the research-based Quality Scorecard as a framework, the professionals at the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) will complete a comprehensive overview of your digital learning program. The feedback provided is based on best practices for online, blended, and digital learning programs that can be used for continuous improvement.

Quality Scorecard Navigator Experts

How QS Navigator works:

  1. OLC’s expert consultants start with a site visit at your institution. We will talk to key faculty and staff members as well as administrators to understand the current state of your online or blended learning program.
  2. OLC will review relevant data, documents, policies, and other materials needed to evaluate the existing infrastructure and outcomes of your program.
  3. Based on the information gathered, OLC’s team will draft a justification for each Quality Scorecard indicator and upload available documents to support the response.
  4. Once the information has been submitted to the web-based platform, three expert peer reviewers will then review based on best practice indicators to provide an independent evaluation of your online or blended program.
  5. You will receive a final report that describes the current state of your program and provides recommendations for improvements.
  6. Your institution may also be eligible for an OLC endorsement if the current state of the program meets our endorsement criteria.

Build or Sustain Your Digital Learning Program With A Comprehensive Review

Since the Quality Scorecard has been aligned with the accreditation criteria for regional accreditors, you can use your results to show evidence of continuous improvement and highlight successes. With the Quality Scorecard, your institution can take a comprehensive look at all of the key areas that contribute to the success of your online or blended learning program:

    Quality Scorecard Navigator is Your Roadmap to Success

    It is designed to support your unique quality goals whether you are…

    • Beginning your program 
    • Growing your program 
    • Validating your successes (potential for OLC Endorsement) 
    • Benchmarking against best practices

    For more information about how your institution can distinguish itself with an OLC Quality Scorecard Review and Endorsement, please contact


    “We have found the OLC Quality Scorecard to be a very effective tool for the administration of online education programs. The Scorecard provides a helpful framework for strategic planning and is used to evaluate programs, identify areas for change, and reassess annually.

    Sandra Hirsh, Professor & Director, School of Information, San Jose State University