How and Where to Get Published


Jill Buban, Ph.D.

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In my role at the Online Learning Consortium (OLC), on a daily basis I am fortunate to have conversations with people at universities and organizations. Most of these conversations are about projects people are doing on campuses and if it makes sense for OLC’s Research Center for Digital Learning and Leadership to collaborate with the institution or organization on the given project. A common theme I’ve been hearing lately through these conversations and at many conferences is surrounding publishing: specifically, how and where to get published.

While the OLC Research Center offers a variety of both original, partner, and curated research, we also accept submissions for consideration for inclusion in the Center. These submissions do not have to be empirical and can include peer-reviewed articles, articles, white papers, case studies, blog posts, and, of course, I am open to hearing about other types of submissions as well.

Today, I’m sharing information on two types of publications: peer-reviewed articles and articles. Next week, I’ll provide more insight on what the Research Center is looking for in terms of white papers and case studies.

If you are interested in submitting a peer-reviewed article, the Online Learning Journal (OLJ) is OLC’s premier peer-reviewed academic journal. Now in its 22nd year of publication, OLJ is an open-source journal that uses a double-blind review process and has a 25% acceptance rate. The majority of articles are empirical research, however, literature reviews and efficacy research are occasionally published. Articles that are published in OLJ are published on the OLJ website and sometimes featured in the Research Center as well.

An article for the Research Center follows the same guidelines as a peer-reviewed article, however, it is not peer-reviewed. In other words, it will be reviewed for publication by the Sr. Director of Research & Innovation, but it will not go through a blind review process. Authors can expect a review to be completed in one month from the time of submission. This may be a good option for those who are not concerned about publishing in a peer-reviewed journal but have run a qualitative or quantitative research study.

I’m looking forward to reviewing your submissions in the coming weeks and months. Please check the blog next Tuesday for more information on publishing opportunities with OLC.

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