Contributing to the OLC Center for Digital Learning and Leadership

The Online Learning Consortium Research Center for Digital Learning and Leadership provides five pathways for open publishing. Please review the information on each type to determine which pathway is best for your empirical or practitioner-based contribution. Once you’ve decided which type of contribution to submit, please review the Submission Preparation Checklist. Following this checklist can shorten the length of time to publication as the review and editorial process is faster. Should you have questions prior to submission, please contact the Sr. Director of Research and Publications. While a full review of the contribution will not be conducted, questions are always welcome.

Engagement Opportunities

  • Help shape the upcoming National Survey on the State of Online Science Education in America. Join us for the Research Summit at OLC Accelerate to collaborate on survey development.
  • OLC members and IELOL alumni, Drs. Bettyjo Bouchey and Erin Gratz, are conducting a research project exploring the evolving nature of online organizational structures in higher education. If you’re a senior leader in online education at your institution and would like to participate in this study, please contact or Read more about their work here.
  • Contribute to the OLC Blog! OLC members are published regularly in the blog on a range of topics. We would love to hear your ideas and perspectives. Email to join in the conversation!

Types of Contributions

Peer-Reviewed Article
The Online Learning Journal (OLJ) is OLC’s premier peer-reviewed academic journal. In its 22nd year of publication, OLJ is an open-source journal that uses a double-blind review process and has a 25% acceptance rate. Time to publication is typically five months, however, there are exceptions in which this time might be shortened, for example, when there is a special issue. The majority of articles are empirical research, however, literature reviews and efficacy research are occasionally published. OLJ articles are typically 6,000-8,000 words in length and follow APA Style.

Please note that articles published in OLJ are published on the OLJ website. Some OLJ papers are linked to through the Research Center.

An article for the Research Center follows the same guidelines as a peer-reviewed article, however, it is not peer-reviewed. In other words, it will be reviewed for publication by the Sr. Director of Research & Innovation, but it will not go through a blind review process. Authors can expect a review to be completed in one month from the time of submission. This may be a good option for those who are not concerned about publishing in a peer-reviewed journal but have run a qualitative or quantitative research study.

White Paper
A white paper is an authoritative paper on any given topic. Typically, a white paper is providing a position statement and background on the topic, as well as providing plausible/possible solutions. It is a research paper that includes references and follows APA Style. Authors can expect a review to be completed in one month from the time of submission.

Case Study
OLC can conduct a case study for your institution or organization. For more information, contact the Sr. Director of Research & Innovation. If you have conducted a qualitative case study, you can submit either to the Online Learning Journal or to the Research Center. Please review the options outlined in Peer-Reviewed Article and Article sections. Authors can expect a review to be completed in one month from the time of submission.

OLC’s blog, OLC Insights, accepts submissions on a regular basis. Blogging is an informal type of writing that briefly focuses on a given topic and might be informational, reflective, or experiential. Posts should be 600-2,000 words in length and include citations and hyperlinks where necessary. Authors can expect a review to be completed in one month from the time of submission. Blog posts are not featured in the Research Center; however, they are maintained on the blog for at least one year and are most times featured in our social media feeds (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn).

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