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The IELOL Global Planning Team

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When you think about online learning, what comes to mind? Do you think about your local contexts such as your institution? Or do you think about the affordances that online learning brings to global contexts and the potential for global change? There is no right or wrong answer. But if your response to this question was “hmmm I wonder” or later this evening you find yourself thinking back to this prompt perhaps the 2021 IELOL Global program is for you.

IELOL Global is designed intentionally around three primary outcomes:  Models: Develop and share exemplars of impactful cross-institutional/regional collaboration through global coalitions Communities: Building global communities of practice around transformative and sustainable digital transformation that collect and amplify international perspectives Networks: Curating and disseminating participant-created artifacts, uses cases, and other resources that contribute to connected and aligned global change work

The Institute for Emerging Leadership in Online Learning (IELOL) is a premier leadership development program for online learning professionals. The Global cohort is dedicated to collaborative global change efforts with colleagues from around the world. In the program, you’ll build a framework for thinking that focuses on global change in and with online learning. You’ll also join a community of colleagues from around the world who work together to identify challenges and opportunities in online, blended, and digital learning environments and systems.

“Learning that you have challenges in common with people across the globe fosters a deeper sense of community and belonging.” TJ Bliss, Idaho State Board of Education, IELOL 2020 Global Cohort

Your work in IELOL Global will be active, and you will actually be contributing to large-scale global change efforts in online learning as you learn and grow. This work will set you up to lead similar efforts beyond the program, and help you establish space in thought leadership initiatives, and share success metrics from the work you’ll do. IELOL Global isn’t just a class or a series of workshops, it’s a living, breathing catalyst for change.

“My world has changed tremendously and I think often of the lessons that I learned in the early work with this group last year.” – Dr. Marie Bakari – Associate Director of Faculty Development & Support in School of Business & Lead – Accounting | Co-chair UDC | Faculty Laureate

We include the video below as inspiration for anyone considering enrollment but unsure as to whether it’s the right choice for them. It is a recorded session from the 2021 OLC Innovate International Summit wherein OLC’s Director of Online Engagement Madeline Shellgren and Southern African Regional Universities Association’s (SARUA) Rassie Louw detail all that they learned and experienced in the course of the first IELOL Global cohort last year, and what they hope you can learn this year as well!



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