Podcast: Reflect on 2020’s Lasting Impact on Online Education With OLC Members


Jessica L. Knott, Assistant Vice President of Community Strategy, Experience and Management

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The Online Learning Consortium is a vibrant community of members, representing diverse areas of interest and expertise. Two of those members, OLC Fellows Drs.Thomas Cavanaugh (2014) and Kelvin Thompson (2020) are leading figures in online education who share their expertise openly through podcasting. TOPcast, the Teaching Online Podcast, is a monthly podcast wherein a cup of coffee is shared in conversation with guests representing leaders in online learning around the world. 79 episodes have been recorded so far (if you’re doing the math that means they’ve been recording for almost seven years) including the recent 2020 TOPCast and Friends Holiday Special. If you have the chance to curl up with some cocoa and have an hour or so of rest in the coming weeks, which we sincerely hope that you do, consider giving this a listen.

Podcasting has increased in popularity in recent years, and 2021 will see a resurrection of the OLC Podcast Network which highlights member podcasts and facilitates conversations and community around topics covered and themes that emerge. Featuring experienced podcasts and podcasters like Kelvin and TOPcast, along with fresher voices on the podcasting scene, we hope that providing resources like the Podcast Network will help you all find connections to new ideas, new inspiration, and new people. Are you a podcaster who is interested in joining the OLC podcast network? Drop me an e-mail at Jessica.Knott@onlinelearning-c.org with a link to your show! I’m excited to build this community with you, and can’t wait to see what we build together.

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