Speed Networking Lounge Lawn Game Tourney


Veronica Armour, School of Communication & Information at Rutgers University (Speed Networking Lounge Co-Chair, OLC Innovate 2020)

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As any first-time conference attendee can attest to, it can be awkward and downright scary to strike up a conversation with other attendees, especially if you’ve traveled alone to the conference.  In theory, we all come to conferences to network and to connect with others in our field on a personal and professional level. However, in practice, this is not always so easy to make conversation with someone you just met.  

Fear, not the Speed Networking Lounge is here to help make your networking time more fulfilling and fun! We invite you to take a moment to answer the following questions:

  1. Are you traveling to OLC Innovate alone or with a colleague?
  2. Do you like to talk with other people?
  3. Are you interested in meeting people who work in online learning?
  4. Do you like to laugh, color, play, basically have fun?
  5. Do you want to take a break from attending sessions to just chill?

If you answered Yes to even one of these questions than the Speed Networking Lounge Lawn Game Tourney is a match for your OLC Innovate networking goals!

We are looking for singletons and pairs to cheer on teams and/or compete in a friendly competition of cornhole, dice, and line-it-up games.

The Rules of Play are pretty simple.  The tourney will be:

  • Points based
  • Consist of three rounds
  • Multiple ways to win
    • Tourney Champion – Highest total points from all three rounds
    • Cornhole Winner – highest points from that round (single game)
      • 5 tosses
      • 10 points (in the hole), 5 points (upper), 3 points (lower)
    • Dice Winner (Dice)  – highest points from that round (single game)
      • Yahtzee scoring (3 rolls for up to 50 points) 
    • Line it up – highest points from that round (single game)
      • 10 moves per team
        3 in a row – 5 points
        4 in a row – 10 points
        5 in a row – 15 points

Now that you know all about the Lawn Game tourney the only thing left is to consider what your team name might be. It really could be anything… the Purple Penguins, Team Let’s Win!, First-Gen Warriors…

Check out the Speed Networking Lounge schedule for open lounge and networking break times.  We hope you are excited and we look forward to seeing you in Chicago.

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