IELOL GLOBAL Program Overview

Leveling up in online learning and building best practices worldwide

The Institute for Emerging Leadership in Online Learning (IELOL) Global is structured around two major phases. The first is the Core Program, which engages participants in scaffolded leadership development training, while the second – the Regional Colloquium – helps them to contextualize those new skills locally. Two additional open events convene program participants, faculty, partners and OLC’s online learning leadership community to collaborate on changemaking work.

Program Outcomes

There are three primary outcomes:



Develop and share examples of impactful cross-institutional and regional collaboration through global coalitions.


Build global communities around transformative and sustainable digital transformation to amplify international perspectives.


Curate participant-created artifacts, uses cases, and other materials that contribute to connected global changemaking.




A Uniquely Global Perspective

IELOL Global is a unique blended-learning leadership development program sponsored by the OLC, in partnership with international collaborators. It serves the development needs of emerging leaders responsible for online and digital learning initiatives. The Core Program and the Regional Colloquy represent two connected and aligned experiences.

In your search for leadership development training, you might have come across the United States-based Institute for Emerging Leadership in Online Learning (IELOL) Program. Please note this program is distinct from IELOL Global in terms of goals, curriculum, faculty, and partners. If you are a graduate of IELOL USA and are looking to extend your leadership development, IELOL Global is an optimal next step. Likewise, we encourage IELOL Global graduates to apply for IELOL USA – though we recommend that you do not participate in both at the same time.

Core Program

Foundations: Blueprinting and Goal Setting

Modality: Asynchronous in Learning Management System
Dates: Coming in 2024

Foundations: Blueprinting and Goal Setting will be run as asynchronous and self-paced programming. Program participants will have 4 weeks to complete the programming. Programming will afford participants the space to individually reflect on their own positionality, as well as the institutional and educational spaces they are currently working within. This part of the program is also designed to assist program participants in understanding how their work and their leadership is contextualized not simply in local contexts but also globally. It will also introduce them to fundamental concepts, theories, and practices that new and emerging leaders in the field should be tending to, with particular attention to and focus on global change efforts (i.e. the things leaders in our field need to know, be able to do, and be thinking about). Finally, during this part of the program, participants will begin to network with each other and build relationships.

Discovery: Exploration and Connections

Modality: Synchronous in Zoom + Asynchronous in Learning Management System
Dates: Coming in 2024

Discovery: Exploration and Connections will be run across 3 weeks, each week designed around both asynchronous and synchronous programming. During this part of IELOL Global, participants will engage with program instructors and facilitators from around the world in intensive and immersive dialogue. Their collaborative work during this part of the program will center major themes and priorities relevant to global leadership development and change work. They will be positioned to critically explore and reflect as they begin to understand both the challenges and opportunities the world of online, digital, and blended learning faces today. It is during this part of the program that they will also begin to forge much deeper connections to each other and IELOL Global curriculum developers, as well as begin to build connections with our global leadership network.

Design: Collaboration and Contextualization

Modality: Synchronous in Zoom + Asynchronous in Learning Management System
Dates: Coming in 2024

Design: Collaboration and Contextualization opens with the Global Leadership Impact Summit, a free and open 2 day synchronous event where community members from around the world will gather to discuss global initiatives, opportunities for collaboration, as well as the needs and challenges we face both locally and collectively. Across the course of the event, we will also collaborate on the development of a Global Leadership Action Plan, which will serve our network of international partners, as well as the IELOL Global cohort as they plan for the future. Following the Global Leadership Impact Summit, IELOL Global participants will then enter into a 3 week Design Sprint, where they will work in small groups on the development of an action-oriented and change-centered asset. The Design Sprint will be run largely asynchronously, though there will be synchronous touch-points with IELOL curriculum developers and within the project groups. Along the way, they also receive faculty mentorship related to their project.

Transformation: Storytelling and Amplification

Modality: Synchronous in Zoom + Asynchronous in Learning Management System
Dates: Coming in 2024

The Core Program culminates with Transformation: Storytelling and Amplification. During this part of the program, the IELOL Global cohort will invite the broader global community to an open and free, synchronous event where we can gather to both celebrate and engage with the project work of program participants. As part of their Design Sprint project work, program participants will be asked to meaningfully story their work and prepare to share it publicly. This public storytelling will take place over the course of this day of the program.

Regional Colloquium*


Modality: Available on-demand
Events: Transforming Educational Futures Through Innovation in West Africa (July 19-22, 2022, content is available on demand)

The second phase of the program moves IELOL Global participants from cohort-based programming to highly locally situated programming. Extensions begins with a Regional Colloquium, where guest speakers and facilitators (chosen and prepared through collaboration between the OLC and our international partners) will guide program participants through additional leadership development and programming. The Regional Colloquium is followed by the IELOL Global Remix, also facilitated by our international partners. During the IELOL Global Remix, participants will be tasked with picking up the assets developed by the IELOL Global design teams and collaboratively situating them for use within their local contexts. This particular phase of IELOL Global affords space for our partners to take ownership in what is on the agenda for the Regional Colloquium, as well as establish meaningful local ties to the program.

* Please note that this is a separate cost from the Core Program